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Bible 1.0.1 - A bible reference parsing and text retrieval tool

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Wow this looks great! Thanks for building this.

Any plans to add local lookup (i.e., through one of the many Bible

data files formats like Pradis or STEP)? I would possibly be

interested in helping with that if I can carve out some time for it!


On 12/12/06, Justin Bailey <jgbailey.ruby.todaysummary.com.gmail.com> wrote:

> All,

> I'm proud to announce the release of Bible 1.0.1, a library for parsing

> Bible references and retrieving the text from the web.

> == What is it?

> Mainly, an interactive application for retrieving and displaying books,

> chapters, and verses. Once installed, type "bible" to start an interactive

> session. A wide variety of references are supported:

> Gen 1 # first chapter of Genesis

> Genesis 1 # Full names supported

> 1 Kgs 1 - 2 # 1st and 2nd chapter in 1 Kings

> Luke 15:8-10 # Specific verses from chapters supported

> Luke 15:1-7, 11-32 # Multiple, disjoint verse specification

> Matt 9:12; Mark 2:17; Luke 5: 31 # Multiple books together

> Gen 1, 3 # discontinuous chapters

> Gen 1 - 2:3 # Span chapters, to a specific verse

> Besides the abbreviations listed above, most common names for books can be

> used ( i.e. "1 Kings", "Matthew", etc.). Other common means of separating

> chapters and verses may also be used (e.g. "Lk 15.11-32", "Genesis 1; 3",

> etc.). My motivation for writing this library was to be able copy verse

> references off web pages and paste them into the console with little or no

> change, so the parser is pretty flexible.

> Three translations are supported out of the box: Revised Standard Version

> (the default), New American Bible, and Douay-Rheims. To access these, ente


> :rsv, :nab, or :dr at the console.

> The script can also be passed various arguments to look up a reference,

> print it, and exit. Run "bible --help" to see these options.

> == How do I get it?

> The easiest way to get it is via a gem download:

> gem install bible

> The project is hosted on rubyforge at: [url]http://rubyforge.org/projects/bible/[/url


> == Other Notes

> If you run this on Windows, and have the win32console gem installed, outpu


> will be nicely paged. Book titles, chapters, and verses will also be bolde


> Essentially, the text is a lot easier to read with the gem installed. Any

> one who wishes to get it working on *nix systems is welcome to contact me

> with a patch or even suggestions.

> == Limitations

> The library includes a definition of the books in the bible, the chapters


> each book, and the number of verses in each chapter. This allows reference


> to be parsed accurately but it makes supporting multiple Bible "schemas"

> difficult. It will accept all deutero-canonical books ( i.e. Catholic

> Bibles) but it the verse references for older translations, like the

> Douay-Rheims, might be off. I'd like it to support all versions eventually


> e.g. Vulgate, Septuagint, NIV, etc, etc) but that's not the case right now


> == Anything else?

> The interactive application is the main point of this gem, but it does

> include a library that could conceivably be used in other applications.

> Also, all text is scraped off various web sites so do be nice - no need to

> download the entire Bible daily or anything.

> Bug reports, feedback, and suggestions are welcome. God Bless ;)

> Justin


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